Sesamee Locks

19 10 2011

Sesamee Locks are Made by CCL a division of Illinois Lock Co. and come in many sizes and styles. I have been using Sesamee locks for years and have been impressed with their reliability, quality and ease of use. All Sesamee Locks come pre-set with a 0-0-0-0 combination, but you can easily re-set your Sesamee Lock combination to any four digit number you can easily remember; like an address or the last four digits of your SS number, no key to lose. You can also re-set the combination again and again; but I prefer using the same combination on all my Sesamee Locks.  The all Brass internal mechanism will resist corrosion and give years of dependable service even in harsh conditions.

All the Sesamee Locks have been designed for sightless operation. When turned in the correct direction, all wheels will stop at 0-0-0-0. Once this has been done, simply turn each wheel in the reverse direction and count the clicks until you reach your combination. There is also a much stronger version known as the Super Sesamee which is almost impossible to break.




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